The Studio culture

We have breakfast together every Monday morning
We are intentionally small
We are international
We carefully select the right team depending on the nature of the job
We always stick to our values
We think first & don’t speak too fast
We like to put ourselves in the Consumers’ shoes
We Work closely with clients throughout the creative process
We settle our differences at the ping pong table

Our Services

Brand Positioning / Graphic Design / Corporate Identity / Packaging Design / Web Design / Art Direction / Copywriting / Advertising / Illustration / Photography / Script Writing / Interior & Environmental / Retail / Set / Activations / Product / Exhibitions

Our Process

Our process always starts with understanding your ambitions, constraints, resources, competitors and product. We run workshops from which a creative brief is developed and signed off.

We then start the creative process of bringing the strategic thinking to life in an original and relevant manner. This is the most important phase of the process and only once we are aligned with a single selected concept do we move into the next phase.

Also referred to as the execution phase, this is where we take the approved concept into final design development. Whether it’s branding, an activation or an environmental design we look to finalise all technical aspects of the job. The outputs of this phase vary from project to project. For instance, a branding project will include developing a Corporate Identity, designing a website, and creating packaging. A spatial project will develop floor-plans, elevations and 3D models.

In this phase we will create a final document to be handed over to the preferred supplier. This document will carry all the technical information and artwork required to complete the project and hit necessary deadlines. We will continue to monitor the progress of the project, ensuring North Ltd’s and our clients’ vision has been met.