North Ltd is an ideas company that applies design thinking across physical, digital and spatial applications. Meet the team…


Lyndon Barry : Operations Manager

Lyndon gave up a life cruising the vast oceans of the world to helm the good ship North Limited. His zen-like approach steers the vessel towards the tranquil islands of…okay enough with the maritime analogies. He’s a lifelong friend of the crew (sorry) and a passionate exponent of all that’s good with the world. He’ll tell you why you shouldn’t own a microwave and ensure everyone’s on the same page at all times. A creative spirit, he contributes in ways that defy any job description, always there with a kindly word and a cautionary tale about the dangers of mass-produced foodstuffs, and sage organic beard wax advice.


Oliver van Maasdijk : Product Director

Oliver once drove from Holland to the Cape in a 4WD, passing through a civil war in South Sudan on the way. He was drawn to the scenic beauty of Cape Town in the same way that made his dad move here from the Netherlands years before. Having studied architecture, his exceptional eye for aesthetic detail lead him into interior and spatial design, and as the latest member to join North Ltd he brings an incredible array of applicable skills to the revolution, except –by his own admission- for table tennis.


Werner Goss Ross : Designer & Photographer

If life is a highway, then Werner is a path that leads through a weird, magical wood to somewhere you never knew even existed. He tells it like it is, as it happens, synapses firing in real time. He is a true artist, merely because he doesn’t even know how to try to and be one, he simply just is. Incapable of being bored, Van finds new ways of expressing the thousands of ideas competing for attention in his head by writing music, painting, designing or just creating by any means necessary. They don’t get more unique or more honest than Van, and those are the places true art comes from.


Mike Bond : Creative Director & Designer

There must be something wrong with Mike, but no-one’s found out what it is yet. He’s always upbeat in a very unannoying way, enthusiastic, smart and above all brilliant at what he does having completed advertising’s equivalent of the Grand Slam by working at top agencies in Paris, New York, London and Amsterdam. Mike survived his childhood with Shaun as his older brother, which puts him in the unique position to be able to deal with absolutely anything life throws at him, which was Shaun’s plan all along, obviously.


Olivier van de Schroeff : Financial Director

Despite being born in Australia and raised in Holland, Olivier has a better command of the English language than most Aussie cricketers and English footballers combined. Yet mastery of a foreign language is but a by-product of his agile mind. At North’s first birthday party, his impromptu speech included a lengthy and heart-felt passage on the financial state of the agency. He cares. No-one cares more about the bigger picture than Olivier, and no-one can tell you what should happen next in a clearer way than he can – with a cool accent thrown into the deal.


Marc Ewing : Digital Designer

Real design doesn’t shout, it quietly seeks perfection. That’s why Marc is the epitome of a discipline that requires infinite attention to detail and the seamless application of creative thinking. Having cast his eye for detail all over the globe while travelling he decided to make Cape Town his last stop and began creating his own brand and working closely with North. With a healthy disdain for anything that isn’t aesthetically appealing, Marc is on a quest to make things infinitely better, and he’s at the perfect place to do it. 


Gavin Williams : Creative Director & Copywriter

Gavin was too busy writing everyone else’s bios to write his. He can write about absolutely anything, except himself.


What our partners say:

Gus Van Der Spek: CEO Aview

I had spoken to a few creative companies to develop and launch brand for me – but I kept coming back to North as I just got the feeling that they understood what I was after. North have delivered above and beyond expectations on every level so far. People in my industry have looked up and taken note right across the board from clients to agents and other developers – a new bar has been set. Thanks to a few smart guys and their little digital pencils.

Debbie Goodman-Bhyat: CEO Jack Hammer

The creative design process can be a challenging one, particularly for entrepreneurs (like myself) who are so connected with their companies and brands. With North, even though the road was bumpy at times, I ultimately felt supported by a design partner that was constantly pushing to achieve great outcomes, and the final results of the hard work and rigour are great!

Grant Bryant – RUN Store Director

The entire experience of working with North has been extraordinary – there seems to be no limits to what they can do and imagine, and that which they imagine, they put into practice. From the first meeting when our concept was explained, they took note of our specific challenges, and every time they made suggestions, the input was relevant, inspired, and unique. They experimented and fine-tuned our concept until our one of a kind store materialised up looking even better than the conceptual drawings. A very unique, personalised, hands on approach to building a brand, a concept, a store and a vision. Inspired work.

Lior van Embden – Blok Marketing Director

Our relationship with North LTD is unlike your regular client-agency one. We met serendipitously at the beginning of both of our brands’ lives, back. North LTD have a unique understanding of how to build a brand in a way that transcends beautiful design; they understand the countless nuances that makes a good brand stand out and be great.